CASCADE Framework  v0.5
An Agent Based Framework to model future electricity networks using Prosumer / Aggregator abstractions
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CASCADE Framework Documentation

Welcome to the open source shared code for CASCADE Agent Based Modelling (ABM) framework. It requires the Repast Simphony ABM libraries to run. These are available, along with instructions on how to install for your OS, from

Repast homepage

The repast download includes a compatible version of Eclipse IDE. It is possible to use Repast outside the eclipse IDE, however we have found that the easiest way is to use it within the Eclipse IDE and will describe the installation and use procedure based on that.

To use the CASCADE framework, clone this repository and then import the project into your Eclipse workspace. Use the "Run CASCADE model" launch configuration and the CASCADE framework should initialise with the default simulation model as defined in the config file CascadeConfig.xml. Press run on the Repast GUI and you will see the ticks of the simulation advancing.

Please note - this is research project code, subject to revision without notice and API changes etc.

The research project which developed this code is documented at the CASCADE website.

A further research project (Agent-based Modelling of Electricity Networks) has been funded by the EPSRC to make use of the framework in studying future configurations of the UK electricity network. See the award notice here

More documentation will follow as CASCADE is further developed for widespread use. If you are viewing this page from the API documentation page, please use the links on the left to navigate through our packages and class structure.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or wish to contribute - please email me jsnape <at> dmu_ac_uk